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Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast

Dec 9, 2021

In this episode of the Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast, Guy is joined by Christopher Melcher. Business owners, celebrities, and trust beneficiaries across California turn to Christopher Melcher for assistance protecting their most valuable assets in high stakes divorces. With deep experience in complex family law litigation and premarital agreements, he provides tactical representation in the most challenging family law disputes. He understands the need to keep sensitive family matters private, having represented noteworthy clients in the largest divorce cases in California. Clients include A-list celebrities, executives, and tech company founders. He is frequently hired by other family lawyers as a consultant, expert, or co-counsel on significant divorce cases in California. His passion is helping others and he loves the law. His father was a trial lawyer and he’s learned not only how to be a lawyer from him, but what it means to be a lawyer. He has presented about 200 continuing legal education programs to other attorneys on complex family law issues and is a published author. He also wrote the only treatise on California premarital agreement law, published by LexisNexis. He is an adjunct professor of family law at Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu. Before entering family law exclusively, he practiced criminal defense and civil personal injury litigation. Christopher joins us today to discuss how he was able to find success through social media as a lawyer.